Windows 10 & 8.1 Pro Activation Product Key [Free] Only


Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 Product Key

Windows 10 Secret


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  • muhammaed suhaib

    in this web site avalibal arabic soft were? any one can help i want arabic softwere

    • Muhammaed Suhaib which arabic software you are looking for?

  • Rob Mcl

    will this 8.1 ISO file install as a clean install not an update?

    • Hi Rob Mcl Here is a link is not an upgrade from 8 to 8.1. It’s a clean install.

      • Rob Mcl

        I just spent a few hours downloading the file on this site. Does that mean I waisted my time :(

        • we provide high speed downloads. 3GB file can be downloaded in minutes depending on your internet connection using IDM

          • Rob Mcl

            Thank you for that information.
            Can I do a clean load right from the DVD I make with this file or do I have to load Windows 7 first?
            Thank you in advance

          • Rob Mcl

            Sorry another brain fart for me. I have the IDM on my computer now how do I set it up to down load windows 8.1 full version off this site.

      • Rob Mcl

        I took your link and I think it is the one I just downloaded from this site.
        Thank you. I have an original windows 8.1 key that is activated by me already. but not installed at this time. will it activate ok

        • Yes it should work.

          • மணிகண்டன் மணி

            i need w8.1pro key pls help me

      • Rob Mcl

        Hi again Zaibe I downloaded the all in one windows 7 from your link. Then burnt it to my DVD disk. How do you run it. I tried from windows but says error code [0C1}. Or do I have to boot it with the disk in

  • Rob Mcl

    thank you Zaibe sorry about conversation on wrong page. But was going to load windows 7 first then the others if I could not find anything to load over vista.
    One I got IDM fully loaded it picked up the selected file but the link you sent. IDM stated could not find file. But I copied the link and placed in the grabber. But now it picks it up right from me selecting your download item. great site but have to find my way around in it.

  • Audrey Villeneuve

    I downloaded windows7home premium from your site .. Thanks
    I installed it all is good . I qualify to upgrade to windows10 version
    When I opened that window they want an activation key in order to continue .
    I tried several key # that I found on the internet but no luck . Can anyone help

    • Sal

      Yes sweet , I can help with $1200. let me know

  • Ayichew Kassaye

    hay zaib I am from Ethiopia, i got win 10 pro iso image from ur site thanks for all ,but I can’t to activat it. what can I do to activate?

    • Hello Ayichew Kassaye you need product key to activate windows 10 pro. If you dont have it run it as trail

      • Ayichew Kassaye

        can i activate with any free activator? how ? can you help me?

        • I apologize but i cannot share hacks or tricks how to activate windows. But you can search other ways to do it via Google. This is what i can help you here.

          • Ayichew Kassaye

            thanks Zaibe for all

          • alieu jallow

            thats good

      • Sal

        Wiill you maried me Zaibe ?

      • shailendra

        zaibe can u plz tell me product key for win10

  • Tracie Kemler

    I bought a computer with windows 7 and I want to upgrade/install windows 8 or 8.1….anyone know what I can do? I do not have a product key and microsoft won’t give me anything but windows 10.

    • John Burke Sr

      look it up on utube youll get it free

  • Bodhivata

    Tracie definetely go for Win10 – it’s a million times better than 8

  • Indian Hacker

    I have Downloaded WINDOWS 10 ISO file from your Website But Had installed without Activation Code (product key) and I need it For Many Purposes That I cant do Now …

    Plzzz…. help

  • peter

    Heey zaibe..please provide me with the product key for windows 8.I PRO which i just downloaded from u rsite

  • Jordan

    Hi, is the product key for windows 10 available i am just downloading it now, And i am assuming the windows 10 version 1511 is a complete os right? not just an update.. Please if it is possible to get the windows product key i would really appreciate it as i will be in need of it soon.

    Best regards


  • matthew

    Hi can I ask for the product key? thanks.

  • shailendra

    hello sir plz tell me product key for win10

  • shailendra

    plz tell me product key for win10

  • Alfredo Alvarez Jr.

    plz what is the product key?…
    for win 10 pro…

    • You have to enter your own product key to start with

  • somba

    Hi friends, after downloading windows 10 pro does it need to be burned into a DVD or can it be copied into a flash disk and then installed?.. and does it require internet to install?..thanks in advance