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Solid Waste Management – SWM

Our Solid Waste Management Solution Suite (SWM) offers a simple and affordable solution to optimize waste collection processes. Our SWM product suite can drastically reduce your capital expense while maintaining transparent, streamlined collection process.

Citizen will have clear understanding of collection process, collection schedule and online redressal of issue resolution. With its Integrated GIS/GPS web and mobile-based module along with smart workflow tracks the work progress from the start to finish.

Key Features and capabilities:

Bin Management

  • Location, Allocation, Collection & Disposal Monitoring
  • Servicing citizens based on population densities, commercial activities etc.

Vehicle Management

  • Solid Waste Collection with Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Manage payments to Contractors efficiently

Site Selection & Solid Waste Disposal

  • Monitor landfilling sites to ensure environment safety
  • Define the best possible routes (save time and fuel)
  • Ensure vehicles dump solid waste at the site.

Citizen Information Interface

  • Keep Citizens informed about the solid waste collection schedule.
  • Provide Citizens with an easy interface to report any deficiency in service.

Benefits to Citizens

  • Improved and efficient Solid Waste collection schedule
  • Online redressal mechanism for quick resolution of issues, ability to track complaints and escalate if necessary

Benefits to Government / Local Municipalities

  • Efficient collection and disposal of solid waste
  • Ability to track the distance covered by vehicle and location where the SW is dumped
  • Cost saving due to availability of real time and accurate data for contractor payments

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