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Sahaaya Solution

Citizen Services Web Portal & Mobile Application for Reporting Non-Emergency Service Requests.

At Indigo, we understand that a governments biggest asset is its citizens and that you require reliable software technology to help you improve citizen service levels and responsivenes.

Sahaaya is the Citizen Services Solution that promotes interaction between local government agencies and their citizens. Sahaaya is a cloud based citizen portals with a mapping component allows citizens to search for information, submit Non-Emergency service requests, ability to pick service location from the map,attach photos, visualize, geographic location information, and monitor the progress of active cases all from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Here are some of the Services requested through Citizen Services Portal:-

  • Potholes, sinkholes and utility holes in streets
  • Animal Control
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Street and Road Sign
  • Recycling bin requests and removal
  • Illegal burning, Illegal Dumping
  • Non-working streetlamps, parking meters, traffic lights
  • Flu shot locations
  • Noise complaints
  • Snow Removal

Whether a citizen initiates contact by phone or submits a request over the web, or on mobile device, an end-to-end solution that handles all the required routing and status updates from the creation of a service request all the way through resolution thus keeping stakeholders informed throughout the process with status notifications.

Sahaaya Features:

  • Integrated with Google or Open Street Map
  • Cloud based Hosted Solution
  • Ability to Create New request from the Map layer as well as entering the Address.
  • Ability to view similar and all complaints reported nearby areas.
  • Ability to Upload a Photo to a Request.
  • Pre-Defined Service types š Ability to select from the list to avoid typing.
  • Personalized user land page to view My Requests, My Support and other requests
  • Admin Configurable Request Types to be sent to the appropriate department
  • Dashboard with Statistical Analysis and Reports
  • Requests can be made private or Public based on users input
  • Share, Comment, Follow a Request, or open closed request.
  • Search the request based on request type, dept., open date and may other options.
  • Post-call satisfaction survey, Allows citizens to rate the service based on their satisfaction

Sahaaya Solution is cost-effective, highly customizable and incredibly simple to implement. We want our clients to serve their public with an easy solution, which is transparent. Our Sahaaya Solutions is an automated way of keeping up with public needs and service requests.

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