INDIGO Information Systems was established to provide superior solutions and products. As a leading provider of services and solutions in the area of Geospatial soluitons, Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, Biometric, Mobile Data Collection, Portal Development, Document Management, Document Digitazation and Mobile Software Development Andriod and IOS. We pride ourselves as a company which Innovates to Enhance, Empower & Enable cutting edge technology.

E-Docs – Document Management

Bridging the need for GIS and Document Management solution.

Indigo Information’s E-Doc solution that provides a central place for government organizations and businesses to easily view specific Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial information and related documents in seconds for better planning and management. Users can easily access GIS layers, instantly locate, and display GIS maps, data, and Documents associated with assets all with the click of a button. Linking land and asset based documents to their geographic features speeds up retrieval and allows for immediate access in cases of emergency.

Benefit of our Integrated E-Doc GIS document management solution:
Applications include:

  • Leverage documents as a strategic enterprise resource
  • Link documents and other unstructured information to map features
  • Access documents using a point or area selection, or a complex GIS search
  • Integrate existing technology with solution to provide a seamless user experience
  • Apply secure access controls to all documents
  • Set enterprise-wide policies for document security &amb; manages retention policies
  • Reduce storage and other costs associated with paper-document handling
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Provide access through an easy to use web interface

Our solution allows document management to become an important part of GIS. With a steady increase in both geospatial technology and digital documents on the horizon, this relationship should prove to be a lasting one for many users.