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Integrated Diseases Surveillance Portal – IDSP

Integrated Diseases Surveillance Portal – IDSP

IDSP Product Suite offers flexible way for Public Health Department to keep track of communicable disease reported by the health centers/labs and hospitals on daily basis. Web based and Mobile solutions offers clean interface to collect data and various decision data driven dashboard to help public health managers/decision makers improve early detection of outbreaks. It also has built in smart workflow to alert and respond to the leading cause of illness in state, district, city and municipalities by various levels.

Key Features:

  • GIS Mapping application to keep track of all the health centers details
  • Health Center Reporting staff Details
  • Data Management – System has a capability to handle various reporting forms / Template for capturing information on different disease on daily and monthly basis.
  • Inter department Coordination – Localized and focused co-ordination among department for quick response in case of outbreak.
  • Advanced MIS / GIS Reporting – Facility wise Reporting Status and Disease heat map for quick comprehension & remedial action to control and contain communicable diseases

Benefit for Medical / Support Staff

  • Based on Disease Heat Map take measures to provide relief in affected areas
  • Focused approach to prevent spread of diseases

Benefit for Government

  • Map incidence of diseases in its jurisdiction
  • Take effective steps to contain and eradicate communicable diseases
  • Timely & accurate delivery of relief to affected areas

Benefit for Healthcare Units

  • Report Incidence of Identified Diseases

Contact us for LIVE demo of our IDSP in real time. We can help you with implementation of Diseases surveillance capabilities at each level of the health system – from community to health facility, to district, state and national levels. Our IDSP Product can put collected data to public health action that save lives.