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GIS Centric – Property Tax Management – PTM

Our Property Tax Management Solutions suite (PTM) improves access to Land Records via GIS layer, provides quick access to accurate and current information about property owner, property attributes, tax collection, & property related documents, while providing rapid response to property owner inquires.

Optimize property management with integrated features that provide robust functionality for effectively maintain property records, smart workflow, history and current data aggregation help you improve efficiency, save time and speeds up the collections efforts.

Key Features and capabilities:

Geo enabled Survey

  • Make Corrections to spatial Data
  • Gather Property attributes & Landmarks
  • Collect localized Information on area
  • Property Picture upload

Property Assessment

  • Update assessment details in real time directly from the field
  • Generation of Property Tax Demand
  • Area wise information on property tax demand

Property Tax Collection & Bill Generation

  • Understand area wise Tax payment patterns and defaults
  • Assist bill collectors to effectively focus on improving revenue
  • Update field information in real time
  • Collect Property Tax online

Advanced MIS / GIS Reports

  • Easy for decision makers to identify weak performers and improve compliance
  • Identify Assessment, Collection, Demand vs. Collection etc.,
  • Areas wise reports on property usage, construction type, authorization status etc.

Benefits for Citizens:

  • Online assessment & payment of Property Tax
  • Online update of issues with System driven hearing processes

Benefits for Government:

  • Increase in Property Tax Compliance and Revenue
  • Promote self-assessment initiative, Improved transparency, efficiency and operational capabilities
  • Geo-spatial reports to keep track of Assessment and Tax collection

Take the next step in modernizing your Property Records and Collection efforts.

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