INDIGO Information Systems was established to provide superior solutions and products. As a leading provider of services and solutions in the area of Geospatial soluitons, Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, Biometric, Mobile Data Collection, Portal Development, Document Management, Document Digitazation and Mobile Software Development Andriod and IOS. We pride ourselves as a company which Innovates to Enhance, Empower & Enable cutting edge technology.

DIGID – Digital Identification

DIGID – Digital Identification

Our DIGID Product suite is an Unique offering of addressing system based on geocodes. Our database provides unique digital address for every property. Geo code addressing provides easy to locate properties for delivery service and emergency response.

Key Features:

DiGiD Generation

  • Unique Digital ID for each geo location / property
  • Proprietary DiGiD generation logic


  • Define my locations (Home, Office, Work etc.,) and generate DIGID
  • Generate DiGiD for any place you want to point out and share

Profile Management

  • Self / User profile creation linked to mobile number
  • Create and Manage groups for DiGiD sharing

Share DiGiD

  • For easy identification of property
  • For ease of navigation to a desired destination

Benefit for Citizens

  • DiGiD – Identity for your property
  • DiGiD helps navigate to a location with GIS tools

Benefit for Government

  • Map properties in its jurisdiction for better revenue and service provisioning
  • Easily share citizen/ property information across departments
  • Share the Unique ID with emergency, law & order and fire protection

Benefit for Business Entities

  • Build Customer Database without duplication (Avoids MDM issues)
  • Share ID with suppliers and customers for improved and efficient logistics

Let’s get started together, We’ll provide a demonstration of how DIGID Unique Addressing helps with the Emergency response and Local delivery made easy.